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Rock&Rolla - Behind the band "The Baby Breaks"

We at Lazy Sundae have been lucky enough to collaborate with a sweet little up and coming rock band for our new collection Rock&Rolla. The Baby Breaks popped up on our radar about 8 months ago and we have been following them something hard ever since. The boys create great music and know how to put on a show. We felt they fit the theme we were trying to achieve in this collection due to their initial style, music prowess and all round ability to chill out and go with the flow. Being fairly new to the larger scene similar to us, we wanted to collaborate with a band who aligns with our values and is chasing the same outcomes we are as a business and we feel that was achieved. They create for us a gateway to bands we have loved listening to along our fashion journey and they quickly made their way into our daily rotation and have been there ever since. 

The Baby Breaks blend hints of blues, western, rock'n'roll and jazz influences to showcase their shared love of rock music. Blending the unique use of saxophone their unmistakable sound has drawn comparisons to The White Stripes, The Strokes and Queens Of The Stone Age whilst also taking influence from early Sun Records artists such as Johnny Cash and Elvis.

Their latest release 'Daylight Saver' has received national recognition on Triple J, affectionately having their style coined Cactus Rock.

We hope to hear and see more of them as people jump on The Baby Breaks experience.

Check them out on Spotify @ The Baby Breaks


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